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Life has many twists and turns.  Sometimes a person gets lost in a stormy place in life and needs strong and knowledgeable guidance to get to safety.  Other times a minor course correction or strategic shift in direction from a caring professional can right the path and bring peace.

This month, spend some time outside. Enjoy the warm weather and greenery outside. Together, sun and plants can bring important [...]

I have been thinking and learning a great deal about trust, control, and power and how it plays out in [...]

"I'm having trouble letting my three boys go out on their own. They are still young, but I see their friends staying home alone or walking to other friends' houses. What kind of guidelines should I use to give them a little more freedom?"

A. While moving our children toward independence is one of the central tasks of parenting, actually letting our kids fly on their own can be a bit terrifying. It is essential to keep in mind your ultimate parenting goal—to help your children develop the godly character traits they'll need to make good decisions, even when they are away from you. When it comes to increasing a child's freedom, I encourage parents to take an incremental approach so that each step of independence builds on the last. Take some time to consider the character traits you feel are most important to you in this process. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Trust in God. Perhaps the most fundamental lesson your children need as they gain new independence is that God is their ultimate safety net, [...]