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The Passion of The Christ has proven to pack an emotional wallop, particularly among teens. Many have had powerful reactions to the film but are unsure what their experiences mean. Here are some questions to help teenagers process what they've seen.

What did you like most about the movie?

What bothered you the most? Why did it bother you?

Are there particular scenes that have stayed with you? Why do you think this scene or scenes affected you?

Do you see Jesus differently than you did before watching the movie? How so?

Have you read the Gospel accounts of the passion of Jesus to see how the movie compares to the Bible? If so, what do you think the movie captures well from Scripture? How would you describe the differences between the movie and the Gospels?

Mel Gibson intended the violence in the movie to traumatize viewers, helping them to see the cruelty inflicted on Jesus in his execution. Do you think this is a good reason for portraying extreme violence?

Let's say three people saw the movie together: one was an atheist who had never read the Gospels, one was a religiously committed Jew, and one was a committed Christian. How might their experiences of the movie differ from one another?

What questions do you have about the movie?

How did your friends respond to the movie? What are they saying about the film and about their experience?

In your conversations with your friends, what will you say about Jesus and the movie?