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Executive assessment is an in-depth testing experience custom designed to address the current concerns of the senior executive. Style, interest, personality, work-life balance, and job satisfaction inventories are all part of the process. Resume review, 3-5 year goals, and life mission development assist in clarifying the plan and vision. MBTI, DISC, Strong, CPI-260, 360 Evaluation, and many other tools are used to create a comprehensive picture of both the leader’s strengths and growth edges. Maudlin & Associates’ Drs. Karen Maudlin and Robert Gregory have also developed the Leading EdgeTM, which is an outstanding and in-depth leadership tool that illuminates the fabric of one’s leadership in comprehensive detail.

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The Leading EdgeTM is a comprehensive, multi-faceted assessment of a candidate's leadership strengths and growth edges. Unlike many assessment approaches that are based on automated test interpretations and stereotypic statements, our approach is highly individualized, benefiting from both the science of testing and the art of experienced, psychological insight. We would be happy to send you a detailed brochure about this outstanding leadership tool.