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Welcome to Maudlin & Associates!

We are delighted to be serving you. Maudlin & Associates is the premier marriage and family therapy practice in the western suburbs. We want to be an invaluable resource to you in your path to wholeness and well-being. If you are here, you have already been in contact with your therapist and have scheduled your first appointment. While it is difficult to reach out for help, you have already completed the hardest part, getting started.

Please input the password provided by your clinician to download the forms she/he suggested you complete and bring to your first session. Downloading and completing these forms prior to the first meeting is not absolutely essential, it only accelerates the therapy process and allows more time for conversation during the first session. Again, we are most happy for the opportunity to serve you at Maudlin & Associates and hope that your experience is a profound and successful one.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Karen Maudlin

Owner Maudlin & Associates

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Certified Executive Coach