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Adolescent therapy is a specialized form of individual therapy provided by licensed professionals who specialize in and have extensive experience working with children and teens. Parental consents and clinical updates are part of the therapeutic work. Typical issues that arise for adolescents include: identity and peer issues, school issues, anxiety, depression, performance anxiety, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts/gestures, cutting, and divorce-related adjustment. Adolescent therapy is focused on target treatment goals established between the teen, parent, and clinician. Teen therapy is often time-limited (six to twelve months) according to the severity of the clinical issue. Adolescent therapy directs the process of re-forging the lines of communication that can dramatically improve the parent-teen relationship and create positive behavioral change.

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Maudlin & Associates offers three types of teen therapy groups at various points during the year. All groups are focused and time-limited (6-8 sessions) with the same clinician and are usually 6-8 in size:

  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Group – this group is usually court ordered through probation but also consists of teens motivated to change their substance habits and develop new social and coping skills.

  • ADD/ADHD Groups – this group is designed specifically for teaching impulse control, organizational, and social skills for children or teens diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

  • Teen Therapy Group – this is a voluntary group often referred to by the individual therapist for higher functioning teens to have a place to process issues such as peer pressure, developing a peer support network, coping strategies, and college/vocational interests

  • Adolescent Stress Management Workshop - this half day workshop is designed for high performance teens and/or any teen experiencing anxiety and stress. The goal of the workshop is to create a lifestyle program that will enable the teen to cope more effectively with stress through biofeedback techniques and lifestyle assessment/management.