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Marital therapy is psychotherapy specifically designed for married couples, which aims to enhance communication and overcome relationship hurdles. This form of therapy is very active, directive, and targets learning new communication and conflict-resolution skills. Often valuable insights into oneself propel couples to acquire new and practical strategies to manage and improve their relationship.

Marital assessment is often a part of the marital therapy process. Interviews, questionnaires, and objective personality tests are combined to form an in-depth picture of the individual and couple strengths and growth edges. Assessment jump starts the therapy process and provides targeted treatment recommendations. Maudlin and Associates offers both marital and premarital assessment tools.

Premarital Therapy & Counseling 7654387Premarital therapy can be an invaluable tool in preparation for married life. It will facilitate deep insight into the values, beliefs, and desires of both partners, while also focusing on communication and providing an opportunity to discuss potential sources of conflict. Couples identify their strengths as a couple and areas to keep an eye on for future growth.  Sessions are time limited – typically 6-8 and often involve a psychological assessment tool. The support of a knowledgeable professional providing clear guidance and feedback during this exciting time is an invaluable resource. Statistically couples that engage in premarital therapy have a lower risk for divorce.