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What I appreciate so much about working with Cindy:

I began working with Cindy during one of the most difficult points in my life.  She supported me with tender compassion blended with much-needed strength.  Cindy’s style of relating was a perfect fit for me and we quickly formed a bond of trust and security.  I felt comfortable with her and was able to be myself (the good and the ugly).  Cindy brings an excellent balance of listening, questioning, sharing insights, and offering guidance.

I feel Cindy deeply and authentically cares about me.  I know she spends time reflecting on our discussions outside of our scheduled meetings.  The fact that she does this comes through in her thoughtful comments, follow-up questions, and her all around genuine care for me as a person.  I have always found it remarkable what she remembers from our discussions – the details she remembers and the connections she is able to make.

Cindy has been available to me through many life seasons and events.  Whether through weekly meetings or “as needed” check-ins, she has shown deep interest and complete engagement in our work together.  I feel her personal investment in her professional role with me as her client.