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Robert Gregory received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Minnesota. A Licensed Clinical Psychologist since 1975, Bob has experience in many settings, including pre-employment screening in law enforcement and assessment of intellectual ability and disability. Dr. Gregory is a recognized expert in psychological testing and the author of three widely used books on the subject, including Foundations of Intellectual Assessment (1999).

He, along with Dr. Maudlin, developed The Leading EdgeTM in 1999, a comprehensive customizable leadership evaluation tool used with both entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Bob's primary focus is executive leadership assessment for leaders in transition or moving to the next level of leadership and desiring to enhance their leadership depth and range.

Bob is a clinical member of the American Psychological Association and the Christian Association for Psychological Studies.

“The best vision is insight”
– Malcolm Forbes

Working with executives who are moving up the corporate ladder or are in career transition is my passion. I enjoy bring the picture of the leader into sharp focus through executive assessment. The Leading Edge™ is a quick and cost-effective tool that unlocks the invaluable insights that propel a leader forward in his or her career and life. Knowledge is power. Self-knowledge is critical to becoming the most effective leader you can be.