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This month, spend some time outside. Enjoy the warm weather and greenery outside. Together, sun and plants can bring important peace and calm to your life.

You know how Halloween through New Year’s Eve can become a blur of activities, task lists, and unfulfilling and rushed social time? “Rushing isn’t from the devil – it is the devil” said Dallas Willard.  Don’t let your life drive you. STOP NOW and block a quiet hour or two for yourself for each of the next three months to BE. Go for a quiet walk, listen to some refreshing music, or have a quiet cup of coffee with the New York Times…whatever is refreshing for you – book it now so it will happen for you later. Protect it fiercely and ENJOY the good that is in your life each moment.

December can be a time of expectation, fun, or disappointment. Think of one special thing, activity or treat that you will do for yourself this month as a gift to yourself. Then think of one thing you will do for a stranger to give some unexpected caring back out into the world. You will be surprised by what you notice about yourself if you do!

November is the month of thanksgiving for our country. Take a family dinner sometime this month (not thanksgiving) and ask each family member what they are grateful for today. When will I have time to do this? Who knows? If not at dinner, in the car driving somewhere, or at bedtime, you decide. Just take time to give thanks and it might become a daily habit!

This month take time to do ten minutes of something special for each person in your family. It might be a note acknowledging their strengths; it might be a call, stopping for a cup of coffee together, a hug or kiss. Today is the only today. Time is fleeting. Take two minutes right now to put your family member’s names on your calendar this month and treat them on that day to some of you!